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Sumeet’s team organize Transformational and Blissful retreats in United Arab Emirates and Asia. These Blissful retreats explore experientially and conceptually how to reclaim our infinite nature.

We are practically living in a Digital and Virtual World, these Retreats will give you a chance to live in Peace, Tranquility, Harmony with Nature and explore our Beautiful planet Earth.

Inspired by those who have immersed themselves in Sumeet’s sublime guided meditations have reported tremendous expansion and quantum shifts in consciousness. These intensive retreats will be well suited for those who have a strong yearning for truth and have some familiarity with meditation practices.

Weekend Retreat in U.A.E

It is rare to have access to raw, undiluted truth. We are referring to the truth of your being that is the most fundamental truth underlying all other truths. Over the course of the weekend, we will dig deep. There will be talks, meditation, discussion, Q&A, bon-fire, a power-packed, enjoyable and fun exploration.

Transform Your Life Winter Retreat

Every challenge you encounter is an opportunity to transform if you know how. This retreat will show you how to transform your life from the inside-out. Investigate ways to increase personal fulfillment and begin to improve your life in all areas–relationships, health, and your professional life. Learn how to navigate your life to increase happiness and contentment while focusing on the grander purpose for which you are here. Based on timeless wisdom principles and psychology, this retreat explores into deeper aspects of consciousness for inner transformation.

Uncovering the Magic in Relationships Through Beingness

In this one-day retreat, we will dive into the heart of relationships from a meditative space. Relationships can slide into unpleasantness and frustration, if we are not conscious of their higher purpose and aware of the higher aspects of our being. As we uncover our true nature through beingness and engage from an enlightened perspective, relationships become magical. Come join us as we explore this fascinating and important topic together in an intimate small-group setting. Register early since spaces are very limited.

Registrations are open now.