About Sumeet Shoonya-Mann – Meditator & Mentor

Sumeet (True Friend) Shoonya-Mann (Silent-Mind)

All I have in this world is this body - that too borrowed, which I will return once I return – Sumeet Shoonya-Mann

Sumeet is a transformational mentor and visionary entrepreneur passionate about igniting and catalyzing the transformation of humanity. With his background as a Sailor and Spiritual Explorer, Sumeet brings an inspired yet pragmatic approach to elevating consciousness on our planet. Sumeet’s charismatic presence and guidance awakens participants to their innermost essence.

For the Advanced Meditators Sumeet has designed his unique EEOONN meditation technique.

Get lost intentionally in your meditation and you will find yourself – Sumeet Shoonya-Mann

After years of meditation he was inspired to share the experience he had with other seekers. You have to change from looking outward to looking inward. Looking inward takes a conscious effort and brings you closer to your true identity.

His Sessions offers practices for cultivating awareness, working with breath, emotions, thoughts, healing meditations and much more, focusing on having a Balanced Mind, Peaceful Mind, Happy & Productive Mind.

Indispensable Resource

Sumeet has created this indispensable resource charged with high vibrations of light and energy. Designed to take you to your highest potential. You will discover what life is truly about, learn practices to experience a deeper reality rooted in beingness and understand how to live from that reality. Uplifting, inspirational and overflowing with beautiful jewels of wisdom, his sessions will transform you leading to a life of infinity pulsating with Love, Peace and Joy.

Usher Of Higher Consciousness On The Planet

Sumeet is an usher of higher consciousness for our times. Through Sumeet’s presence a powerful portal of Light to access the infinite directly and readily is illuminated. Sumeet empowers and emboldens us to reach for the highest aspect of our being. He exemplifies the lofty possibilities that are available to each one of us. Vitalized by this connection with Sumeet, we can walk more easily into the higher consciousness. The Energy of the Universe is the fundamental emanation from which everything arises. Consciously entering into and entraining with the Energy of the Universe, effectuates a recognition of our vast nature.

Close Your eyes and then You will have a Clear Vision – Sumeet Shoonya-Mann

Beloved Heartfreind

Sumeet, as his name means, considers himself a True Friend to all. He feels privileged and humbled to share his little knowledge and serve you as someone who is the same in essence. He is blessed to feel a connection and unity with everyone at levels where words fall short. He extends his love to you and is grateful for your presence.

Teacher Of Our Infinite Nature

Being in Meditation is being in Your Kingdom of Heaven – Sumeet Shoonya-Mann

Sumeet is a transformational mentor committed to the blossoming of the highest human potential. He feels a passionate calling to raise the consciousness of the planet and brings a lifelong interest in personal growth. His heart-centered messages bring light into every setting. Those who have attended Sumeet’s corporate sessions often comment about his simple, friendly, warm and down-to-earth style. His approachability and non-judgmental embrace of all our human experiences make him easily accessible and engaging.

For the Advanced Meditators Sumeet has designed his unique EEOONN meditation technique.

Awakening Mentor And Advisor

As a personal and spiritual guide to help navigate life challenges while aiming for one’s highest potential, Sumeet has worked with individuals as a life coach. Through his Energy-centric style of coaching based on consciousness osmosis, he offers a big picture of understanding and vibrational upliftment for transformation and awakening.

Personal Glimpses

Sumeet was born in Mumbai, India and spent his formative years cradled in the heart-wisdom of the East. From an early age, he felt strongly drawn to the profound verities of being and existence. He drew inspiration from many wisdom traditions, but ultimately directly from – Energy of the Universe itself.

Guided Meditation

Let Sumeet guide you to higher states of consciousness and a new way of living.